Why Meal Ticket?

Meal Ticket is a suite of solutions created for and by foodservice experts. But the platform is just the beginning. When you choose Meal Ticket, you’re partnering with a team of foodservice experts with decades of industry experience.

Your Hand-Picked Team of Foodservice Advisors

At Meal Ticket, we’re foodservice people too. Each of us is deeply embedded in the industry, spending hours every week connecting with distributors and suppliers. Most of us worked in foodservice prior to joining Meal Ticket. And we’re all passionate about your success.

You gain access to our well of knowledge, history, and expertise. You’ll never have to explain foodservice to us or pause to define an industry term. As soon as you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help.


White-Glove Advisory Services

On day one, our advisors help onboard each member of your team to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform. After that, we provide webinars and ongoing training, both virtually and in-person.

Your profitability is our mission, so we’ll work with you to strengthen supplier/distributor relationships and maximize ROI from your data.

Our customer success team delivers:

  • Quarterly reviews and check-ins to optimize your use of the platform
  • Personalized suggestions for your account
  • Strategic partnerships to help optimize profitability
  • Marketing campaign mentorship
  • Proactive engagement with all members of your staff
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“We do not mandate adoption of Meal Ticket at OpCos, in part because we do not need to. It has spread incredibly organically, which speaks to its functionality. I am not sure why an OpCo would choose to not use it.”

– Craig Hoskins, President, PFG Corporate

“Their customer service is comprised of some of the best people I have ever encountered, and I am not just saying that. They are ultra-responsive, and I think we are over-demanding, but they go above and beyond.”

– Louie Newton, CIO, UniPro

“We collaborate a ton with them. Meal Ticket anticipates our needs. We are never waiting on them.”

– Fred Sanelli, SVP of Sales & Marketing, PFG Corporate

“The most important thing to us is the team they have in place. The team was amazing. Customer service was extremely professional and responsive.”

– Brandye Thomas, Marketing Manager, PFG Nashville

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