Real-Time Business Intelligence


Use INSIGHTS to track adjusted gross profit, measure KPIs, and boost profitability. 

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Make the Most of Your Data

INSIGHTS is a profit analytics and management system designed specifically for foodservice. Analyze data at the customer, category, and SKU level, troubleshoot issues with vendors and invoices, and make more strategic decisions for your business.

With INSIGHTS, you get:

  • Real-time profitability data 
  • Smart, dynamic reports and KPI scorecards
  • Configurable reporting tools and personalized dashboards
  • Profit and loss statements to manage business and track cash flow
  • Account penetration tools to optimize product mix by customer, margins, and competitive strategies

Serving Up Unparalleled Business Intelligence

Actionable, Dynamic Reports

These aren’t vanity reports. Every report INSIGHTS generates is interactive and designed to optimize profit. Drill down on data around sales, income, customers, and products to understand where business is coming from and how you could improve. The platform draws on your data to produce scorecards that map back to your KPIs.

Build Reports
Configurable Dashboards

It’s easy to configure dashboards and reporting widgets to your needs. Once you’ve identified the data you want to track, the dashboards pinpoint potential changes for maximizing profit. Get started with over 150 reporting formats you can tailor to your business.

Robust, Comprehensive Data

Track up-to-date information around customer churn, sales, purchasing history, and trade-spend ROI. Drill down into macro-level data about which sales reps are selling your products, which items are being sold below cost, and more.

KPI by Product Category-1

Boost Profitability With These Core Features

Group 2076
Pinpoint the most profitable categories, customers, and SKUs
Group 2080
Identify new sales opportunities
Group 2081
Optimize margins on existing sales
Group 2078
Achieve optimum product mix by customer
Group 2077
Create smart scorecards to monitor KPIs

We Feed the Needs of These Foodservice Distributors


“It has been the BEST investment we have ever spent money on. Its paybacks have been 10-fold the investment. Take a look at the program, as it will outdo any software program modules.”

– Gary Nance, President, Quality Sales Foodservice

“It has exceeded our expectations. The ease of use and powerful reporting are all you said it would be and more. We’re very excited and pleased.”

– Tom Gagne, CFO, Dennis Paper & Foodservice

“If you’re not on INSIGHTS, I’d give it a second look! We’ve been incredibly satisfied with the capabilities. There’s very detailed and robust reporting that we provide to our vendors.”

– John Martin, President, Martin Bros. Distributing Co. Inc.

“INSIGHTS is the only software we have found that tracks all sales and purchasing-based transactions at the line-item level. Most importantly, we can create reports to manage our earned income dollars in a timely and effective manner.”

– Jeff Braverman, President, Hawkeye Foodservice

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