Take Charge of Earned Income Programs


TRACKMAX enables distributors to easily track, capture, and validate complex programs at the line-item level in real time.

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Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Boost your profitability with TRACKMAX rebate management software. On average, distributors increase their earned income between 10% and 20%. Get real-time updates on earned income programs and reconcile every program on your list, including redistributor data.

With TRACKMAX, you get:

  • A sophisticated tool kit to track marketing initiatives, group allowances, deviated cost programs, growth programs, and more
  • Real-time analytics that track sales and purchasing data at the line-item level
  • One-click invoicing to seamlessly allocate funds
  • The ability to leave behind spreadsheets, manual tracking, errors, and missed money

Capture All Sales With These Core Features

Earned Income Program Tracking

Seamlessly track all purchase-based and sales-based programs, marketing funds, bill backs, deviated programs, and group allowances at the line-item level.

Program Inventory Reports
Detailed Invoicing Capabilities

Create, post, and validate invoices. TRACKMAX captures all layers, types, and categories of trade programs, validating trade spend and applying credits from manufacturers.

Claim and Deduction Reconciliation

TRACKMAX provides key data to help you troubleshoot claims. Get insight into discrepancies, unauthorized claims, or unresolved invoices for more peace of mind and fewer administrative costs. 

Post Payments, Credits, and Debits

Take the Chaos Out of Rebate Management

Group 1974
Gain visibility into trade spend
Group 2018
Track earned income and performance-based programs
Group 1987
Consolidate high volumes of program data
Group 1972
Update purchase receipts by SKU
Group 2034
Stop updating spreadsheets by hand

We Feed the Needs of These Foodservice Distributors


“Even being as diligent as we were, we missed a lot of money that was falling through the cracks using our ERP system. TRACKMAX is incredibly valuable. It way more than paid for itself starting in year one.”

– Roger Accurso, Owner, Prime Source Foods

“Novick had lost somewhere between $1.2 million and $1.4 million in money that they were not collecting, so the ROI is huge. … TRACKMAX makes my life so much easier.”

– Jay Hobby, Owner and President, Novick

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