Strategically Turn Insights Into Impact


STRATEGIC SUPPLIER enables suppliers to craft actionable sales strategies, robust reports, and targeted campaigns.

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All the Ingredients for More Revenue

Enable sales and marketing to work in lockstep with suppliers, providing everything you need to partner on category management, prospecting, and building marketing campaigns – all in one platform.


  • The ability to generate revenue through data monetization
  • Executive dashboards to view live and historic sales data, team performance, top products, and more
  • Tools for distributor and supplier joint business planning and operator engagement
  • Distributor sales data regarding approved products
  • A suite of digital marketing tools to engage operators and sales reps
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Uncover Insights

Access in-depth distributor sales data and leverage this information into actionable sales strategies through the Meal Ticket software platform. Find operators buying competing products to identify new business opportunities. Search operator sales for product gaps and pull up sales metrics to further qualify leads.

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Make an Impact

Personalize your marketing campaigns with customer data to secure more deals. Post manufacturer-generated rebates and configure more targeted marketing campaigns. Distributors can give suppliers access to reporting and data, including what they’re selling and to whom, so the supplier can target accounts with promotions.

Feed Your Need for Joint Business Planning

Intuitive Executive Dashboards and Reporting

Suppliers can monitor business health and track KPIs with easy-to-use dashboards. Filters and display options allow you to create visual reports for year-over-year sales, sales team performance, top-selling products, and marketing initiatives.

Recent Sales
Categories Purchased
Macro Distributor Sales Data

Equip your sales team with the tools to make strategic decisions and increase revenue. Analyze distributor sales data for your products by division, category, sales rep, and account. Optimize pricing strategy to make sure you’re maximizing ROI.

Stop Leaving Insights on the Table

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Optimize pricing strategies
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Stay ahead of industry trends
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Visually track KPIs
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Personalize and maintain marketing campaigns
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Post manufacturer-generated rebates
Generate High-Quality Leads

Meal Ticket STRATEGIC SUPPLIER simplifies lead generation. Uncover new opportunities with a deep dive into purchase history and buying behavior. Use this data to build an operator base for digital marketing campaigns.

Launch In-Platform Marketing Campaigns

Leverage sales data to market to your customers and prospects – without leaving the platform. Create, personalize, and maintain targeted marketing campaigns with an in-platform suite of marketing tools. Increase customer engagement and brand loyalty by posting rebates. 

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“It has been the BEST investment we have ever spent money on. Its paybacks have been 10-fold the investment. Take a look at the program, as it will outdo any software program modules.”

– Gary Nance, President, Quality Sales Foodservice

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