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ShowNtell Trade Show Application

Turn your Trade Show Event into an Integrated Business Building Experience.

Key Modules & Features of the ShowNTELL
Integrated Trade Show Application.

Desktop, mobile & tablet based trade show management platform. Cloud based - No downloads or installation required.

Attendee Pre-Registration, RSVP & Registration


Allowance Management
& Tracking


Onsite Event Tools


Attendee Pre-Registration, RSVP & Registration

Speedy Check-In

Guests can pre-register online for speedy check-in.

On-site Registration

On-site registration is streamlined to ensure an efficient entrance to the event.


Text notifications sent to reps when customers arrive and check in.


Customer Badges

Customer badges can be used to reveal contact info, buying trends, and to take notes on customer activity.

Vendor and Sales Rep Tools

Vendor and sales rep tools that allow smooth interaction with the customers.

Customer Access

Customer access to show items, floorplans, show information, purchase history, etc.


Vendor Allowance Management

Our Integrated Trade Show Application allows you to build and maintain your show book as well as negotiate allowances.

View booked vs. shipped reports, view allowance earnings & accruals, see account conversion and penetration information.

Workflow flexibility allows adjustments of rebate amounts and capability to add or remove items.


Onsite Event Tools

Pre-Booking, Booking, and Lead Management

Orders can be pre-booked in advance, then modified at the vendor booths.

Track bookings and order commitments at the booth.

Set up hot deals and special customer allowances.

Text notification for reps when customers arrive and check in.

The primary benefit to Vendors using the Meal Ticket Trade Show Application is lead management & opportunity analysis.

Vendors can display relevant items to sales reps and customers, they can book orders (if relevant), take notes, track participation, find and track customer opportunities and update and maintain contact information.

Sales Rep Features & Tools

The ShowNTELL Trade Show application enables your Sales Reps to engage with your Trade Show and gives them the tools to get a clear picture of their customers’ activities at the event.

Sales Reps are able to:

Send invitations and RSVP on behalf of their customers and prospects.

View customer profiles and buying behavior prior to the show.

Track bookings and notes taken by the vendors in real time.


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