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Virtual Promotions: A New Approach to Replacing Traditional In-Person Shows with Extended Virtual Events

Replacing Traditional In-Person Shows with Extended Virtual Events

In this current climate, with ever-changing regulations and standards, past approaches to Trade Shows are proving to be ineffective when making a 1:1 transition to a Virtual Event. What we’ve seen work successfully over the past few months is a shift in approach to Trade Shows altogether.

Rather than doing one or two huge events each year, it can be helpful to have several smaller, Virtual Promotions spread throughout the year.

Where previous events could happen over just a few hours, Virtual Events are more impactful when run over a few weeks. Rather than doing one or two huge events each year, it can be helpful to have several smaller, Virtual Promotions spread throughout the year.

An elongated event may sound daunting at the onset, but with the right coordination between your key players, a more targeted approach to the items showcased, and a few changes to your Trade Show strategies, you will turn your Virtual Event into the sales-boosting experience you need.

Before planning your Event, consider the target audience for your Virtual Promotion. Breaking up your customer base into separate events can help you focus your marketing efforts and ensure you are addressing the individualized needs of your Customers.

When it comes to items and content, consider what’s most relevant to your audience.

Have Supplier booths that best represent targeted segments and only include relevant products. A streamlined product list allows you to guide your Attendees through the experience with a clear mission of highlighting only relevant items to their business. This more focused approach will allow you, your Sales Reps, and your Suppliers to give your Attendees the undivided attention they are so accustomed to at physical events.

Below are a few added changes to your virtual experience that you can include to help frame the successful execution of your Virtual Promotions.

Event Experience:
  • Provide engaging event information to be included in the Event Invitation and Event Information page.
  • A welcome video addressing your Attendees.
  • A schedule of speakers, item showcases, and raffles.
  • Information about Highlighted Booths.
  • New items and where to find them.
Booth Experience:
  • Provide visually appealing booth navigation with collateral for each booth.
  • Use simple Booth naming conventions to make it easier for Customers to find what they’re looking for.
  • Logos for each booth to be displayed on the booth list, the booth page, and the event landing page for highlighted Suppliers.
  • Welcome videos for the booth visitors.
  • Cooking tips and tricks.
  • Information about special offers on purchases.
Item Experience:
  • Provide informative and captivating information on booth items.
  • Keep the item list for each booth digestible and engaging for your targeted segment.
  • Have Sales Reps review and target recommended items for each Customer.
  • Have Sales Reps review and adjust prebookings for each Customer.
  • Call out new items in the Show Book.
  • Add in cooking videos, nutrition information, and plating images for strategic items.
Communication Experience:
  • Provide a seamless communication chain with scheduled times for your Customers.
  • Post a schedule of availability for Customers to directly reach your Vendors.
  • Have your Sales Reps proactively reach out about a time they will meet their Customers, virtually.
  • Provide multiple channels for help and support to your Customers and ensure they are regularly monitored.
  • Host interactive webinars with guest speakers, cooking demos, and general Q&A.
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