How to Run Successful Virtual Meetings to Engage with Your Customers

How to Run Successful Virtual Meetings to Engage with Your Customers

With a large shift to virtual, rather than face-to-face meetings, the content of your meetings is more important than ever. To help foster a personal connection, it is important to make sure that you include a video component in your meetings with your Customers. This, in addition to personalized statistics, suggestions, and strategies, can go a long way to show your Customers they have your undivided attention and they are an important and personal priority.

Taking a consultative approach to your meetings with your Customers can provide much needed direction and assurance in the midst of changing landscape.

In an unprecedented time of so much uncertainty and continuously changing societal behaviors and trends, many restaurants are seeking out advice on best practises and strategies.This is where you can come in and leverage data trends and insights to become a partner in their ongoing success.

In preparation for your meeting, take a few minutes to review your Customer’s prior purchases and relevant marketing initiatives.

A quick review of their buying trends and comparative assessments among similar Customers can serve as a foundation to help guide and project reopening initiatives. It’s helpful to have your analysis and talking points outlined ahead of time to ensure you cover all the important information in the meeting. Once you have agreed on an action plan with your Customer, make sure to follow up with a summation email including marketing materials and action steps to assure your Customer of your proactive plan

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