Adjusting Your Business Strategies to Make Personal Connections in a Virtual World

Adjusting Your Business Strategies to Make Personal Connections in a Virtual World

In the Foodservice world, so much of your success is built around establishing trust and rapport as the foundation for successful partnerships with your Customer-base. In this new normal, where there is a widespread shutdown of opportunities for face-to-face networking, it can be challenging to figure out how to still make and foster personal connections.

Making a few tweaks to your approach can go a long way in establishing a meaningful rapport with your Customers.

Where in-person visits and Food Shows were the perfect vehicle for your Customers to interact with you and your products previously, now is the time to lean in to different virtual strategies. One important key to success in adapting is to ensure you are using data to drive your conversations and marketing initiatives. This helps you come from a place of expertise when reaching out for those personalized interactions.

Here are some tips for how to utilize software to facilitate those changing personal connections:

  • Boost your digital marketing strategies: Focus on visually appealing and instructional content to overcome the hurdle of your customers not being able to taste and smell your products in person.

  • Use data to put the right products in front of the right people: Instead of blasting generic content to your Customer-base, take the time to pull out key components that highlight the most relevant items for each unique Customer.

  • Set up virtual meetings: Reach out to your Customers to set up video calls and talk through their challenges and needs. Review their purchasing trends and insights ahead of time to better serve as a partner in providing proactive solutions.

  • Foster an interactive experience with a virtual show: Partner with your key strategic suppliers to host a simplified virtual event for your Customers. Focus on providing rich content for each product and scheduling times for your customers to interact with you and your suppliers.

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