How to Foster an Interactive Food Show Experience for your Customers, Virtually.

A new approach

With the shift in societal norms to accommodate health and safety precautions, many in the Foodservice industry are at a loss for how to successfully replace recurring in person large gatherings in the form of Food Shows. The absence of physical Food Shows can feel like a massive missed opportunity to interface with your Customers and showcase your items on a large scale. This is where a switch to hosting a Virtual Food Show can help facilitate the vital networking opportunities needed from a physical show.

With a few tweaks to your tactics you can enrich your Customer experience with strategic items, new items, and targeted items within a digital experience.

With the absence of smells and conversations to influence your Customers, it is important to provide them with visually stimulating information. This can come in the form of celebrity chef cooking videos, recipe ideas, plating images, and nutritional facts. Giving varied and appealing information for your targeted and new items can ensure your Customers pay attention to the items that matter most.

It’s important to have a conversational interactive component available to your Customers within your Virtual Event.

To properly execute this, make sure to have time presheduled for your Vendors and Sales Reps to be available. Giving your Customers instantaneous access to those resources is vital to help simulate those in-person connections they are used to when attending a physical event.

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