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Attendee Module

Whether you are wanting to supplement your physical event with an interactive component or make the switch to Online only, the Meal Ticket EVENTS Attendee Module has you covered!


Item Interaction

Item Activity Tools

Put item interaction in the hands of your Attendees with the Item Activity Tools. Attendees can view and alter existing booked quantities made from order history, their Sales Rep, or the Vendor. They can also flag item interest, request samples, take notes, and interact with their Sales Rep and Event Booth Vendors.


New Items

Make reviewing and booking new items a cinch by flagging new to warehouse items in your Showbook. This marks them out to your Attendees and allows them to filter and sort by new items

Targeted Items

Drive targeted item interaction by having your Sales Reps mark the items they want their Attendees to engage with most. Attendees can view and filter items and booths to see their targeted items first.

A Meaningful Online Event Experience

Give your targeted Attendees a meaningful Online Event Experience
by allowing them to engage in the activity normally performed face-to-face on the show floor, virtually.

Prospect Cultivation

Improve your Prospect Conversion rates by giving your Prospects access to view, book, and flag item interest, as well as interact with their Sales Rep.

Integrated Communication

Overcome the challenges of missing face-to-face communication channels with an interactive chat module allowing your Sales Reps and Vendors to interact with your Attendees in real time.

Virtual Collateral

Bridge the information gap by posting Event Level, Booth Level, and Item Level collateral to help shape your Attendees event activity and item engagement.

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